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Bloodline on Netflix is back…and I’m along for the ride.

This is the Rayburn’s third and final season, and I had an incredible time working with the whole team. Premieres May 26.

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April 25 the little sisters of Hoboken are heading from the stage to your living room. I’m lucky enough to join these delicious ladies on their journey as the novice, Sister Mary Michaela. 

Since 1985 Nunsense has enjoyed a hilarious history in theaters across the country and around the world. Cheers to this awesome leap of faith!

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Last year I was appointed as an NYU Graduate Acting Faculty Diversity Mentorship Fellow, where I observed the voice teachings of Scott Miller, Associate Arts Professor.

As an alum of NYU’s MFA program I was the grateful recipient of voice and speech training under master teachers Deborah A Hecht, Deborah Lapidus, Beverly Wideman, Shane-Ann Younts and Scott Miller. Their teaching has been a real cornerstone of my work as an actress onstage and in life. After years working in the field it brought me great joy to reassess, evaluate and further explore the foundations of vocal freedom with a particular emphasis on the fulcrum between movement into voice, and vice versa, by way of the Miller Voice Method. My teacher training also encompassed observation of movement training implemented by master teachers Faye Simpson and Scott Illingworth. Many thanks to Scott, Mark Wing-Davey, Victor Williams, Scott Illingworth and the NYU faculty and students for the invitation to learn! I’m always honored to come home to 721 Broadway.